The Island of Ikaria

A small Paradase into the sea


IKARIA, the island

Ikaria, the island of longevity, is generously endowed with nature. The whole island has a wild natural beauty that attracts visitors of all ages from all over the world! It is a mountainous island with green valleys that end up in the sea and with exotic beaches that make up a charming atmosphere.
Time never ends in Ikaria! The island of longevity. Ikaria is one of the few areas in the world where people live over the age of 90. You should come to Ikaria to live like locals do and discover their secrets of life and longevity.
A characteristic feature of Ikaria is the famous festivals, where people dance all day Ikarian dances, drink red wine and eat boiled goat, called rasco.

Location of ``IkariaStudios`` at Ikaria

Our lodgings are located in the green Maganitis, just a short distance from the famous  Seychelles beach and Fyrodi Beach, just a few meters from the main street and the old Primary School of the village.
Ikaria Studios are just 19 km from Evdilos harbor and 26 km from Aghios Kyrikos harbor, while the distance from Ikaria’s only airport is 35 km, driving directions that will reveal to you the first exotic places which hides the island of Ikaria.
Its amphitheatrical construction on a green slope offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the imposing Atheras Mountain.

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Experiences - Activities in Ikaria

Unforgettable experiences in a special and blessed place that you will definitely love!

On the hospitable island of Ikaria, the time of stay is always short. The choices are many. Boredom meaning unknown.
Select activities and add special experiences to your holiday agenda:
• Diving
• Underwater fishing
• Climbing the imposing Mount Atheras

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