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``Ikaria Studios`` in Ikaria

Experience the magical hospitality at the ideal holiday setting!

Wonderful view to the sea, comfortable stay in its spacious rooms,
Idyllic location and direct access to the island’s many natural beauties.
This is Ikaria Studios ‘Alternative Activities Services’.
Your holidays here will be unforgettable!

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Ikaria Studios - Accommodation

Ikaria - A terrestrial paradise!

Ikaria Studiosis a vibrant, handsome painting as it is drowned in green and framed by a deep blue background. Harmonically integrated in the island environment offers, to all those who choose to live, wonderful summer vacation experiences. Its amphitheatrical construction on a beautiful slope offers panoramic views of the sea and the village of Manganitis.

Bright, large rooms are the rooms, tastefully decorated in joyful colors and simple modern lines, functional furniture and all modern comforts for high requirements. Enjoy a paradise of coolness and tranquility and discover the details that make the difference in hospitality.

Benefits - Extra Services

Everything you need for your holidays!

Within a fairytale landscape, IkariaStudios is your choice of hospitality and provides you with all those services for a carefree and unique vacation in the island of Ikaria called “Island of Longevity“.


• Our rooms have modern air conditioning for summer cooling and heating in winter.
• In all of our rooms you will find branded anemeties for your own hygiene.

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Visitors' comments on the services we offer

At Ikaria Studios each room, every service, every little or great decoration detail, is surrounded by special care so you can enjoy holiday moments full of comfort and tranquility.